Saturday, August 9, 2014

My Week Was So Busy and Attending to the Meeting

I was supposed to post something new about my bedroom version and the new bookshelf last Monday. However, this week was so busy for my aunt to come and visit. Sunday, I changed my bedroom and it looks better. And my bookshelf was finished fixed. Finally, now I can easily find a book or other material without wasting my time to search. Here are the two belated pictures that I haven't yet sharing with you below.

This morning, I had to go to the meeting for listening to the talk. The talk explained about reading the Bible everyday and do it. That is true. For me, I believe that when I read the full chapters, the chapters are telling about and that is true.

After meeting, I immediately left and I walked by alone. However, I was with the fewest people and I learned how to independent by myself in this still new area to me and my family. Life is not easy but walking if I walk everyday and that will help to reduce my depression. Currently, I still am working on the assertive and show the caring and emotional people of who I am. 

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