Sunday, August 10, 2014

I Amused the Nice Day in Saint Petersburg Pier :)

Today I went to the pier in Saint Petersburg with my family. We viewed to not only the bay water but we looked around Saint Petersburg area nearest the water where many people have activities to do. They ate in the nice seafood restaurant, played the music on the street, and the dogs walked with their owners. We took the fifty cent trolley and transported us to view that area. I grabbed the guide magazine from the trolley and I read it. I want to go to the museum and learn more about the millions had horrific Holocaust experience or died during Holocaust. It used in Nazi-occupied Poland during WWII. It serves as a reminder, and inspires me to learn from the past and me being standing up and taking the action in defense of today hard-head people.

After we off the trolley to walk to Kilwins ice cream shoppe, we licked the sweet ice cream. I wish I could take the picture of my Chunk Strawberry ice cream, but I did not want the fly to come and touch it. So protect myself from getting sick because of the flies already touch the poops. Ew! Anyway, I enjoyed licking my Chunk Strawberry ice cream :) as my aunt, my mother, and my sister. My father is exception. He did not have a mood to lick the ice cream.

We had a nice time at the pier. We left the pier for shopping the more food and then we were ahead to home. I'm home now and am rested. Have a good Sunday, my loves! <3 <3 <3 :D . Loiriam

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