Friday, August 15, 2014

Chapter Three: How Can I Make Loneliness Out of My Life?

Today is the third entry of this blog that I wrote about how to eliminate loneliness. Here is the story below: 

In the serious story of my life, I feel like loneliness cut me off from the world, makes me feel lonely, useless, and empty. It's not so cool. It's bloody as hell! And because of that is a warning sign, like the hungry people need food to breathe and live. Loneliness warns me that I need companionship, closeness, and intimacy to make me feel well. At that point, I need a lot of friends to build me up. Instead of like a weak cottage near the lake that occurs to eventually collapse and destroy. 

What I Do When I'm Alone But I'm Not Lonely?

I like to relate to a 20-year-old Bill said about his interesting in the nature. Here is the picture that I snapshotted almost two years ago in Maunabo. 

I like what Bill said in above the picture because when I'm alone on travel, I always love to see the nature and that gives me the bright pleasure.

In old times, I used to like writing the letters and mail them to some of my friends. But now I have email and Facebook, I can send a message to each of my friends and tell how was their day. It's not how lonely I am, because of I know they like to receive a message as not to make them say 'boring'. We are not missing because we can stay in touch by using email, Facebook, instant messaging, text messaging, Skype, or videophone at all the times. 

What is chronic loneliness?

Chronic loneliness is the victim of people who have no one to talk to for the longest time and feel neglected or shunned. That is not so cool. A person who have experience of three things that victimized him:

1. 'He feels unattractive': He feels bad when he cannot find a woman that loves him. 

2. 'He feels uninteresting': He feel lonely when nobody is interesting to talk to him.

3. 'He feels worthless': (As previous chapter that he compares my situation.)

Breaking My Loneliness

I need to get involved with other people. I'm working on widen out and show my feeling for them. I'm caring for others and I'm motivating others to take an interesting in me. 

In my view on some of you say, "You get me attention on you. Don't get me attention." is the main way you said that to person causes him or her to feel lonely in the world. What do you think? Do you think that lonely people are nothing? The good answer is no. Why not? Because of the loneliness is a warning sign, the lonely person need friendship. So, your saying that to a person is really wrong and it's so disgusting. I just need to let you all know that it is my view, and yes that is serious and true.

I know when I sit back and wait for people to talk to me is not working. I have to be friendly  and talk to them. Otherwise people will think I'm stuck up if I do not associate with them. So at first, I starts to smile and so they might like to smile me back. 

Having a conversation with people is worth breaking my loneliness. I practice with meeting the new people that starts with "Hello. My name is Loiriam. I'm from Buffalo, NY. What's your name? And where are you from? ... Nice to meet you." Then if interesting, we can make the new friends.  After we know each other for the long time, kind acts and a generous spirit will help me to build  my precious friendship.

I also remind myself that I will never has a friend to put me down. If a person who put me down, then that is not a friend. 

The next chapter 'shyness' I will post this weekend or Monday. Let's see. I hope you have a good weekend. Yours, Loiriam 

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