Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What's My Today?

Today is July! Good-bye, June! Ok, lately I have problem with my laptop. It's so slow! I try to work on my projects to finish up such like my videos. My sister said that the reason my laptop is so slow is because of I downloaded too much and I have so many pictures, videos and documents. I sighs. I try to clean up the junk stuff but still so slow. My sister suggested me to buy USB plug on Amazon for cheap. I bought it tonight.

Today I had appointment at 10:30am, but I got there so late because of I came to the wrong place. However, the good thing is new appointment time today.

I went to Publix and bought the cold lunch and two mango smoothies. I enjoyed my lunch today. And when I went back to home, I took a long nap. Ok, have a good night. Yours, Loiriam

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