Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Where Was I and What Did I Do Yesterday?

Yesterday, I had to sign the lease of this apartment home again. Geez, I try not to sign it but too late. I still wish my parents free me. They still cannot follow the First Amendment and Isaiah 8:20. They always treat me as their baby. God, it’s time for me to make a move to north. If I make happen successfully leaving my parents’ home before the lease is end, then I have to pay $1,700.00. Wow, that’s lot money! Unlikely in New York was like $500.00. In the spring of 2009, whew! I thank God that I left my brother’s home for the female dog before the lease is end and did not charge me.  

After I had signed the lease, I went to the welfare office with my family. We discussed about why they put to decrease my payment check. My rent, my utility, and my mobile phone bills are not really cheap. They’re so heavy for me to pay. The question to the job companies of this state: I have work experiences and have skills. Thus, why not anyone hire me? I have been on a job hunting for almost four years and this have to stop. Discrimination is not the answer because of we, you, and the people are human. It’s time to repent the heart and feel compassion toward to those who suffer with paying the heavy bills.

I shopped the cold lunch at Publix. That food was really great! It is better than Walmart. I want to go there again when I am hungry. One thing is I want to show you the picture of receipt from the cashier of Publix. This photo shows the “Tax Forgiven”. I never heard Tax Forgiven. What does that mean? It is really interesting and new to me.

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