Thursday, July 10, 2014

Swimming Through the Weekend

Lately I want to post this blog about what I swam during the last weekend. Here is the recently story below:

Saturday: After the meeting, my family and I prepared for the beach.

In beach, I swam with my mother, my sister, and the Raven family. I enjoyed it.

After the beach, I did not expect to sleepover the house of the Raven family. I should have taking the bath and rest, actually, I did for the few minutes. And then, I packed my clothes to get ready to go. Before we ahead to their house, we stopped by KFC. My sister and I brought the meal from McDonalds to KFC and she and I ate McDonalds meal. After we ate out, we were ahead to the house of the Raven family in late night.

Onyx, the black female dog <3

Sunday was the chilling time with my family and the Raven family. And, I enjoyed swimming in the cleansed pool of the Raven family. It was my first time swimming their pool. I swam with my sister and the Raven children. Also, we were with Onyx, the black female dog, too. I had fun time at swimming their pool. :)

Tuesday: My family and I went to the grocery store. After we shopped the food, we were going home.

After we got home, we had errand, but my family got rest after they did do something. I did do the errand. And at the end, late night I got sighing rest.

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