Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Does Your Clothes Show Who You Are?

I am writing this fashion blog about clothes. Does your clothes show who you are? Which clothes do you pick that match who you are? Your clothes show the people who you are. People can criticize your outfits. Why they do that to you? Let's say that you don’t want to dress like old people. You want to dress like teenage or young adult. And you do not want to follow what people say about your clothes. You try to withdraw that situation. However, ask yourself, “How are my clothes making people to not to criticize?" You may comment humbly on what people say about your clothes. “Okay, I’ll change the clothes for you.” This is not what you want is all called “yourself” instead of “you conforming to what people say about your clothes.”

What clothes do you use for? Your clothing can be used for Royal, Sophisticated, Trendy, Quirky, Emo, Goth, Rock Chic, Grunge, Plain, Vintage, Block, Bohemian, Sporty, Glamorous, Urban, Punk, New Age Punk, Hardcore, Alternative, Scene or Skater. It’s you, your clothes, and your choice.

It is so easy to see why clothing is important to you. However, the way you dress has impact on the people you meet and affects how they treat you.

No wonder people criticize your outfits. Your outfits and their outfits have personal taste issues. They want to make sure that your outfits are relevant. Does that mean your clothes are reveal who you are? If you think that your outfits are relevant, will you listen to what people say about your clothes? Don’t forget that job interview, school, and church are not matching your outfits. You just need to follow their rules about the dress code if you like them.

Show you adorn yourself in the good way that treats people fairly. You want to show mature to the people and have a good model role for them. Then you will get reward of setting the good example as doing the excellent job.

In my heart, I love the fashion. Fashion is my passion. This is why I want to keep fashionable when I get out of home instead of being boring. Good evening, everybody! Love, Loi

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