Sunday, June 1, 2014

Today is June! But...

Today is June! Although no one allow celebrating my 30th birthday and so neither do I. In the past I celebrated birthdays but now still not allow celebrating it. However, some of my friends can send a birthday note for me. What is the reason of not celebrating birthday? It is because of it is a pagan custom. The ancient Jews, first Christians celebrated birthday. A person in honor of the particular god of the astrological sign that person was said to be born under. That was to appease that god, and supposed bring good luck to the individual. In the Bible, no servant of true God is spoken of as celebrating their birthday, not even Jesus or his apostles. The date of Jesus’ birth is not even mentioned in the Bible, and nobody knows what the actual date of his birth is. The only two birthday celebrations mentioned in the Bible were done by unbelievers, worshippers of false gods, and bad things happened on those occasions. These were an Egyptian Pharaoh, in which he had his chief cupbearer hung, and in Jesus’ day, King Herod had John the Baptist beheaded during his own birthday party. These are the original birthday celebrations, and the bad light cast on such celebrations by the Bible, that is the reason of choosing to not to celebrate birthday.

Today I cleaned the bathroom so hard to keep it clean and shine. Okay, I hope you have a good night. Yours, Loi

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