Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The 30th LoiJ

The 30th is now! And my future should be here. What do I means by my future should be here? I mean that my life should start new like living on my own, living in the freedom, and follow my own rules. These were happening since the fall of 2003 and these should be happened. Unfortunately, the bit of my life is unhappy. I have trying to reach my goals successfully for a decade. And all of them fail because of when it comes to the opinions, I tried not to confirm but I did. Why I did confirm? Because of I can’t stand at someone taught my mother how to go against my will. And what did I experience for a decade? I experience the verbal attacks by mental and emotional people. I still need to gain freedom in my life and taking break from these negative people. I’m so tired to hear their behaviors always hurt my feeling. They need enough because of I feel disgraced.

Here are thirty things I wish to be:

Here is a picture of myself 30-year-old woman with Hello Kitty doll as though to overprotect me as treating me like a little girl. I still have to accept that situation but I still fighting for finding a new way to convince the caring people to show them who I am.  However, as a fan, I still love Hello Kitty. <3 <3 <3 <3

"Be Happy" of Hearty Butterfly Top Tank Shirt - Sent by my aunt/Purple Lovesick Pant - Hot Topic/Purple Heeling Shoes - Pulse

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