Monday, June 23, 2014

Are Looks Important?

I am writing this beauty blog about looks. Are looks important? What do you think of your look? Your look is important to your peers. Why is your look important to your peer? You say about your look. You say that you don’t like your look. Is that correct? If so, you are not satisfied with your look. And you conform to the way your peers’ looks are. Nearly you fall into depression when you see their looks. However, asking you a question and you answer yourself. Are your peers’ looks important to you? You may answer “no”. No is the answer. Why not? Because of if you follow your peers’ looks, and you compare to their looks could be ending up in depression. This is not healthy.

God made you. Can you appreciate your look? Think of the beauty; beauty is appreciated by God. Pay no attention to what your peers say about your look even when they tease you. Because you know an appearance on judgment is not really important. So, simply ignore them. Let their looks be, your peers are. Be happy about your look that you want to keep healthy.

An interesting topic of an appearance on judgment is not really important. Why not? Because of the magazine influence your thinking of conforming to only flawless-skinned beauty for sexuality attention, but what about love? Love is very important than appearance. I understand that control your desire of having sex is not so easy. Because of when you meet a person you really like and so do that person. You kissed and caressed stroke to that person’s skin can lead to sexual addiction. This is a true romantically link. But to recall “forget the sex but remember the sex in during the marriage” love is important with no pressure to have sex.

If you satisfy with your look, can you add to let your peers squeeze you into their own mold? Mold is like you see the black spots on the wall. Do you want to touch the mold? You will say no obviously. Because of they are dirty, right? You are happy with your look and that is important. You can simple use the hygiene and can keep working on your look to gain attractiveness which is not that expensive. Your hair can be cleaned, so can your face, hands, and fingernails. Your white teeth that you can keep cleaning for five minutes, and your pink gum will make any smile more charming. With effort, you can appreciate your look.

The next blog is a fashion blog about the clothes that I will post tomorrow. Love, Loi

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