Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Early Wedding Party

I was leaving home at 9:40am with my family for my nephew’s first time wedding today. He’s newlywed. My family and I left home for only the party, not at the Church. The wedding party was started at 11:30am to 3:00pm. We arrived there late due to wake up little bit late and plus rushing hour.   

Glittering Gray Classic Sexy Dress-Ruby Rox/Petit Makeup Handbag-Whatever/Black Heeling Shoes-Wet Seal

In wedding party time, we ate Chinese lunch and later dessert – the wedding cake. My nephew, Brian danced with his beautiful Mexican wife, Jackie and his mother. Jackie danced with her father, too. There was the Mexican band came to sing for them. The front woman of this band has a beautiful voice.

Congrats to Brian and Jackie on getting married today! He’s 21 and I watched him since he was a baby and have raise to become a young man. He’s lucky to have Jackie today. That’s a blessing. Unlikely in my life, the crazy caring women in my mother’s faith came to me and told me that a single precious woman is better to stay single than getting married to a man. They still do saying that to me. Why they say that? It is because they say that it is easy to focus straight to Jehovah than at the same time focus on both Jehovah and spouse. Please to these women, they have no right to tell me no marry to a man if a man like me and want to marry me, I do. I follow Genesis 2:24, not I follow these women. They need to knock me off. In my heart, I still want to get married. But for now on, I am patient and I enjoy spending time on alone until the right time for the right man to come.

After wedding party, we went to Wendy’s for eating, drinking, and chatting with my half older brother and his second wife. I only drank sweet strawberry tea, that it. We chatted and chatted for almost two hours until 7:00pm for them to leave for back home.

After Wendy’s, we went to Walmart for buying some things we need. And finally, we are home!

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