Monday, April 21, 2014

Yesterday Last Day of Camping and Today I'm Home :)

Yesterday was a last day of camping. We enjoyed the camping and yet worked together as family and friendship. What a productive long weekend!

We left the camping at 11:00am until we got to the Raven Family’s house. We stayed there for a while and then to eat in dinner at Golden Corral Buffet.

In Golden Corral Buffet, we ate the delicious dinner and our waitress was friendly. She is doing a good job and we gave her a good tip. She thanked us. Hmm, a new rule for Golden Corral Buffet is to not to share the food from that buffet as price is needed to pay. Need money? I think that is wasteful when you get full and sharing the food with one another is important than making money. Money is worthless. One day, the Golden Corral Buffet will no longer sell and that business is going down. That is true as Revelation explains it will happen, no joke.

After Golden Buffet, I went to Dollar General and bought a thing for my personal need, second to Walgreen for my family and Nielo needs and then to his home.

Today, I came back home in late morning from the house of Raven Family. I am in home and do something to unpack and clean some clothes. Yours, Loiriam

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