Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Big Day for Me

I woke up so late at 7:15 am. I was supposed to wake up at six but my alarm did not wake me up. And so, I hurried up and got ready for the big day for me. Whew! Everything went smooth. Thanks God that I have a humor friend who she is patient with me. That is good quality. Compare to Rochester, not lot patients with me. They believe that when someone come to pick me up, waiting make someone to feel that I am not nice when I’m not ready for someone. This is not a true friend to me. Sad, but I move on and I’m happy.

Today is the big day for me. It totally describes how to apply the Bible and receive the power from Holy Spirit. Power is the best quality. God made the universe and He can do the dead people to come back to life again.

The Lord’s voice is powerful. He commanded the storm, “Finish!” and so the storm became silence.  The forty men had written the books of the Bible for God. Read Hebrews 4:12. It tells you how important you listen to the Word of God that sharply touches your heart.  And if you taste the word of God and do what He tells you, then you will be happy. The Bible is like the food that you desire to eat more daily. So do what you love for your God.

After all day discourses, I met a few new people. They are nice. I have a good time. 

Blue and White Polka Dots Dress-Ross/Dark Brown Pantyhose-Walmart/White Shoes-SBICCA of California in Ross 

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