Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 3 Camping Episode: Walking to the Beach and Many Things in Spanish Area

I got up early in the morning and I went to the shower. However, I was stopped by a cleaning man who he did not finish cleaning. I thought it open at 6:00 am, but supposed to be at 7:00 am because he let me in at 6:45 am. He’s nice.:)

After I took shower, I helped my parents to clean up the dirty tent floor. I rested with doing something first, and then to 11 campsite for breakfast. The breakfast was good. And when I’m done eating it, I walked with my parents to the beach. The campers there are friendly greeting to us. :)

After we were walking from the wavy beach, I got rested and read the verses quotation.

Again, we went to the Spanish area and we explored with the two dogs, Papi and Zoey. There are many and many things we love and we bought only sweet popcorn. I ate some and I like it. But my hands were sticky and so I did wash in the public restroom. Then we went back to our camp site. 
Spanish Street!
A little boy is trying to pet the two dogs.

The Female Schoolmaster

Tomorrow will be the last day of camping. I better get to sleep now. Have a good night, loves. Love, Loiriam

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