Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Going for the Camping this Long Weekend! :)

Before ten 0'clock in yesterday morning, I left home for the Raven Family with my family. While I was on trip, I listened to Kylie Minogue's new album called "Kiss Me Once". I like it. It's sexy. Also, I did not feel sick in car which was a good thing. :) After we arrived to the Raven Family's house, we chatted for few times outside their house and then we got in. We met the Raven cute baby cousin, a girl about two years old. The Raven cares her until she goes home with her parents.

Selena Perez would have turned to forty-three years old today, if she still alive. But sadly, she is not here anymore. She's gone forever but never forget what she had done in her life, her beautiful music, her dance, her performance, her style, her outfits, her beauty, and her hairstyles. Also, the good way Selena did to one another. We all love her as always!

A man helped the neighborhood to fix the electricity. I remember when I lived alone, my old landlord told me that cutting the tree and take it out of the wired electricity are very and very expensive that she cannot afford. And so, I paid the electricity bills for her. She was working her job and I did not work mine. I know the rule that I forgive her mistake.

Tomorrow we will go to the camping. And that will get the excitement as I hope we have fun! We look forward to! :) Have a good night. Love, Loiriam

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