Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2014 Keep Remembering Jesus

Last night I went to observe the special event with my sister. The name of that event is the Memorial of Jesus Christ's death. The theme is keeping remembering Jesus.

In two thousand years ago after Jesus had tortured to death, we are grateful for our sin to be forgiven. At Luke 22:19, 20 depicts the unleavened bread as body and wine as blood. This depiction means that we Christians keep remembering Jesus.

Adam was promised to continue to live forever. However, he had disobeyed God. Jesus is honored because he suffered and died for everyone. We Christians are the children of God. We are looking forward to dwell in divinely place forever as perfect as an angel. 

After the speech, my sister and I were taking the picture of ourselves with the beautiful flowers. And when we stepped out, we saw the beautiful full moon, the Eclipse Lunar. I took a picture of it. I heard the red moon would be there at 3:00 am this earliest morning. Too bad, I miss it. Therefore, today and this week I’m out of town for camping vacation. It will be my first time in Florida. I was always going to the camping in New York and one time in Culebra. Well, maybe next time when I can. Have a productive week! Love, Loiriam

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