Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 2 Camping Episode: Explore the Spanish Area

After eight this morning, I got up and took a warm shower. I went to the Raven’s campsite 11 for breakfast. After eating breakfast, we went to the beach and viewed.

Before we leave the beach, my mother asked my sister if she want to join us for exploring the Spanish area or stay with the Raven for fishing. My sister chose fishing. And so we go, add to Nitza came and joined us.

We traveled to the Spanish area, we walked and explored around. 
See the opened bridge.
No one in the boat. It's strange.
Canada-USA border bridge's sister in Buffalo.
Castillo de San Marcos is not free to go in, but 
outside of it is charge of no cost.

Perhaps the Spanish soldiers came home after the war
with British soldiers for taking a break and rest.

In San Juan, it is bigger than this photo.

Spanish pirate?

The Spanish from Spain had built the ancient stones walls for fighting against the British of Great Britain. The British won and the Spanish lost! No wonder here in United States of America speak only English. But now the good thing is Americans can speak Spanish as a second language.

After this area, we walked and explored the restaurants, the cafes, the art galleries, the clothing boutiques, the vintage stores, etc. and we buy nothing. Because of we are not rich. It is hard for me to not to have things I want. Oh, well. That is part of life. But I am grateful for some things I have.

Plaza de la Constitution

The Spanish built the road and the last name of the 
street name is Spanish.

In dinner time, I ate a big chicken leg, cooked potato with sour cream, and fried plantains (from green banana). These are good food.

Totally today is rainy, and no swimming for me. That’s sucks. Maybe tomorrow is sunny day? I hope so. Let’s see. Have a good night. Yours, Loiriam

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