Sunday, March 30, 2014

What I Did in the Weekend?

Yesterday my trip is cancel due to helping out the congregation to clean up for soon Memorial Day. But I did not go, I stayed at home. And I hectically worked on my unreleased poetic album “Fuego”. That Spanish album is dedicated to my favorite singer, Selena. Her Spanish album “Amor Prohibido” is 20th anniversary. We all miss her so much as always!

In the senior couple’s house, I was doing a reading and quoting “the friendship” on my journal. Not only that it, but I petted Princess, a dog and I ate the four smallest round chickens with French dip. Those were okay. I wish to be a vegetarian but it is not easy. Because of my body need protein.

Tonight, I had to go to the study group with the four women. Their belief about soon the end is near. It is interesting to believe that not only you don’t know when to end the world but more is when you see happens in the world, that mean soon to be all done and the next is to live in the beautiful new world forever. 

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