Sunday, March 2, 2014

How You Not Take a Bus and Keep a Chauffeur - Part Two

I, Loi went to the meeting at night. This Photo was
 taken by September 26, 2012.

As the last part discussed about waiting too long on bus stop that you don’t like, here is the new part. It will tell you how you not take a bus and pay your driver.

If you have a job, will you be careful with how much money you have in your bank? Do you pay your bills on time? If you are a well-financed person, can you pay your chauffeur? Chauffeur is the same idea as your “car”. Think about how much money you give your chauffeur for his/her car expenses. Here is an example of my idea of the used car. (See the picture below):

I recommend you to hire only one chauffeur because you pay the bills and other expenses, plus you need to save the money for your future necessities. Also, the best recommendation is to live near your chauffeur as he/she is your neighbor. And if you have the good traits, your chauffeur will be happy to keep you as his/her job. However, you may fire him/her if he/she does not follow your instruction. Also, if your chauffeur makes the money from you, he/she is making sure to report the state tax. In New York, it mentions if you make more than $65.00, then you are letting them know right away. If your chauffeur fails to report the state tax, then you are not going to keep dishonest chauffeur. Fire him/her, simple. It is not easy to find the right chauffeur. What you need to do is to make the good interview with a chauffeur applicant. It is same idea as an employer from Job Company.

Here are the two examples of chauffeur wanted letter and My Chauffeur job application (the general job application):

And the second one below:

Do you see the two examples of chauffeur wanted letter and My Chauffeur job application? You can create your own.

Okay, I hope this part will help you how you keep your driver and pay him. And if you pay your “car” expenses, then you will not have to worry about losing your driver that makes you be on the FEET or on the bus. Kind regards, Loiriam

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