Saturday, March 8, 2014

Daddy Yankee 2014 Unknown Tour Concert

Daddy Yankee 2014 concert in Tampa.

This photo shows what I wear for Daddy Yankee 
2014 concert.

This late evening, I went out to see Daddy Yankee concert with my family and some of my parents’ Spanish congregation attendants. I’m not sure what the name of his concert tour is. The time of this concert was from 5:00pm to 6:05pm. I snapshotted Daddy Yankee and I recorded the four videos of his performance. I want to shoot the entire video of his performance time but my mobile phone charger was not enough. Because of it was 25 percent! Aw! But, the four videos of Daddy Yankee performs are better than nothing. We enjoyed hearing the music of Daddy Yankee a lot even though he is not my favorite musician but I like some of his songs.

After Daddy Yankee concert, we rode a highest roller coaster except my parents and some others. It was scary and fun! Whew! That was so fast! Lol!  

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