Thursday, February 27, 2014

How to Avoid Waiting Too Long on Bus Stop - Part One

I, Loi in June 18, 2012 before I moved 
out from Rochester.

No matter where you live, you just want to avoid waiting too long on bus stop. Here is the tip of what I had experience in Rochester. Now here, I’m in a different city. I haven’t taking a bus since I left Rochester for living with my parents again due to the frozen job which means that the economic is really bad right now. Anyway, how can I avoid waiting too long on bus stop? At first, the time I leave for work is at 2:22pm, get in the bus, ride until arrive to the bridge at 2:45pm, off to walk and observe by myself without me judge bridge “dirty”. This is what I learned from the behavioral health clinic. I walk slow like killing the time or I leave home and take a bus at 2:51pm, drive me to 3:10pm, off to walk so fast ‘til promptly work at 3:15pm. You walk or either with riding a bike. I did not have a bike that time because of it is expensive or I miss out on bike donation that give me for free. Now though not have a bike in my current home area. Anyway, so I take one bus to work, I avoid the second bus in downtown because it makes me wait for twenty minutes. 20 minutes!! That’s too long for me to wait! LOL. However, depend on the area I have to take the second bus in downtown. So what I do is to, suppose I leave home for doctor appointment at 10:30am. I take the first bus at 8:53am, get in the bus and ride until arrive to downtown at 9:42am, I stand and wait for 8 minutes until the second bus come at 9:50am. 

My home bus as the first bus

The second bus

This is what I do in order to avoid waiting too long on bus stop. If you need to wait so brief, you have to figure out how much time you need, then do the math. For example, a car time and a bus time are different. 
You wish you are in a car.

Do you see the picture of an example above? Even though you don’t have a driver’s license or a car, you do your best to live without it. You take a bike with bus or walking quickly with bus. Life is short when you keep complaining about the bus that you really don’t want to take. Keep in mind that a car is not free. Look at the gas station; it’s about hit 4.00 gallon, plus car insurance, repair, etc. Or, if you still don’t want to take a bus, you may want try the cheap chauffeur who you know like your family or your friend. The next part will tell you how you not take a bus and pay your driver.

Okay, I hope this part will help you how to avoid waiting too long on bus stop. If you keep practicing on figuring out how much time you need to keep little bit more for yourself half you give other for oneself, then you will be fine. Kind regards, Loiriam

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