Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Travel Gives You Strength"

Last night, I watched “Traces of Love”. This movie is about after the death of Hyun-woo’s fiancée, Min-joo still grieving him, Hyun-woo received a travel journal of her explains about the places that she had done visiting. With the aid of a young woman who works at the café helping Hyun-woo out what had happened to Min-joo before the rescue. Min-joo asked her if she like to travel and so that young café worker do.

There is very interesting quote that I want to share with you about travel. The quote from that movie is “…travel give you strength.” I think that the meaning of this quote is that when you leave home and travel alone or with family or with friends, your mind and your body are building up power and energy. Stress makes you feel painful and pressure and that give you difficult times to deal with your work environment, school study, unkind people, money problem, etc. you don’t want stress to happen to you. You want to be happy. Life is short when you feel stress, stay calm and breathe. Go out from your home, walk, and look at the fact. What do you see? The fact is not from the thought. It is from the sight. The thought is what you are thinking and so daydreaming, too. Sometimes dream do come true but you have to be accepting to where you are right now, the reality. So work hard and reach your success. And, very interesting about the travel give you compare to the feeling. When you had choose the wrong friendship, you feel grieve and it will take you to keep traveling until you feel grace. It is okay for you to cry about what had happened, but you will feel better and move on. Travel is the best therapy and that can cure your depression and clear your mind of stress and that can help you to enjoy your explore of the nature, places, and perhaps future traveling around the world. With the travel journal, that is such best communication you can tell it from what you have experience in the world. You are not alone because the journal is your best friend, you can write about your travel experience. 

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