Thursday, February 13, 2014

For the Long Weekend Sleepover and Loving Sandy

Loving Sandy

I packed the long weekend clothes and some other stuff for traveling to my family’s friends, the family’s house with my family and stay sleepover today. We left home at about 2:30pm and went to Wendy’s at first for eating and then to the family’s house.

While we were on travel together, I observed the farming animals: cows and horses. And I checked some notification on my mobile phone. Again, I felt carsick and I was really needed to go to the bathroom. But good thing I was patient until the family’s house. Finally, we arrived to the family’s house! And so I went to the bathroom, done!

I will post more about this loving weekend. But, don’t forget that I can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, okay? Ooh! The news is the new pup or dog welcome by the family! It is a girl. Her name is Sandy. Why did the family give her that name? It is because her color is mixed with light brown and blonde. She was rescue from the homeless street by Nate. Nate found her and felt compassion. So he sends her to vet for getting shot. But still she get flea and it bother her a lot. She’s itching. Sandy real loves me. I will want to adopt her but my sister prefers the little puppy because we are not sure how old Sandy is. Sandy just found by Nate on the street near his home area. I will write more about what will Sandy do tomorrow and until Tuesday we will go home. I hope you have a good long weekend. Take care. Yours, Loiriam

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