Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ignore the Gossip and Good to Keep a Friend

Proverbs 17:9 is a good scripture for the companionship.

The Hebrew word, "רכילות" translated to “gossip” is defined as “one who reveal one another secretly about other”. Also, the gossip is untrue story, so you need to resist gossip. You have a friend and you ignore gossiper who gossip to you about your friend is a good example.

Gossip makes a friend turn to unfriend as separation. That is really serious awful. Sadly, many friends leave have been ruined over gossip and some friends thrive to look for opportunity to be unfriend with some of their friends. And when such friends confronted, they seek to make an excuse of denying the gossip. Rather than admit that serious behavior, they blame some other friends who gossip or attempt to make them trouble.

Thus, will you believe the gossip or will you practice the gossip? If you don’t believe the gossip, that’s great! And if you guard your tongue, that will keep you from being messed up with your friend and keep a friend.

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