Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Thought for Today: How worth we, God's Children Are

The thought for today is how worth we, God’s children are. So here is the note below:

How many of you put down the note for Jah interest us to consider? One thing is the physical law. We have four seasons: fall, winter, spring, and summer. (I don’t live in the four seasons, but I live all-time summer. I miss the beautiful spring. Maybe one day I’ll be back to where I was.) Why do we have four seasons? The reason is God had made everything in our planet, Earth. We should be grateful for living on Earth.

Imagine if all people in this system do have moral, and then life will remain forever. Also, they’re living peacefully.  What you do with your life you pay for? Do you believe in God? If yes, are you confessing what you do with your life to God? Your explanation to God about what you do with your life is a good way to key of grace. – Isaiah 1:18

Jah know individuals. We know about some people will live again from death.

No one knows what others are thinking; only God know what they are thinking. As we are not know what God is thinking, but He had given us His Word.

Are you a prayer? If you do, then you have building your relationship with God.

Tonight we ate flan that Nate made. It was good. Okay, I hope you have a good Sunday. Yours, Loiriam

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