Friday, February 14, 2014

After Flea Market, I Ate Pupusa for Dinner Time

I got up at little early in the morning. I got some fresh. And I ate the breakfast sandwich.

This afternoon, we went to Flea Market. While we were in this business, I did not feel well. Despite that situation, my positive thought is I looked around some interesting stuff. I wish I could buy something I want but I do not have money for this month.

I ate Pupusa during dinnertime. :)

 After Flea Market and Latino grocery, we went to the home of the family. Tonight we ate (my first time taste) Pupusa dinner. It looks like Mexican food to me, but a woman from her home country is El Salvador. She made Pupusa dinner for us. That is nice. My taste of it is somewhat good. The masa harina (corn flour for making tortillas) taste plain. But with some other stuff that contains flavors are somewhat not bad. I got full almost quickly but processing I drank the water that ease my full stomach. I have a picture of Pupusa dinner that I snapshotted looks good. Have you ever eaten Pupusa before? If so, what is your experience of eating it?

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