Monday, February 3, 2014

Will Friends Remain Forever?

Friend (n) a person whom one knows and trust is what one like and what one dislikes

Are you lonely or do you have friends? If you have many good friends, you are lucky. You can keep companying them. Mine is unlucky, however, I am grateful for those who keep me as a friend. The friends remain are good, but what will happen to them in the future? Here is true sad predicts to remember: there are some terrible times coming at the end, friends will no longer be friend.

This photo is taken by October 2011.

People will love only themselves and money.
-mean people will not love you but themselves and money.

They will be proud and boast about themselves.
-mean they will make you feel jealous.

They will abuse others with insults.
-mean they will abuse you and will hurt your feeling.

They will be ungrateful…
-mean when you give your friend, she will not say thank you to you.

They will have no love for others and will refuse to forgive anyone.
-mean people will not love you and will refuse to forgive you.

They will talk about others to hurt them and will have no self-control.
-mean people will talk behind your back as stab your back, for example, they call you “ugly” and they are out of control.

They will be cruel... 
-mean they will be very mean to you and you will feel hurt.

People will turn against their friends.
-mean people will not be your friend anymore.

After you read this blog, do you see the future is now? Like have you ever experience someone is no longer be your friend anymore? I do many times and really heartbroken news. Stay strong and things will be alright. 

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