Monday, January 13, 2014

The Guests and Field Service Weekend Story

Recently, on last weekend, I’m going to share with you all.

Saturday: I did not go to the meeting because of my back is little bit pain. At around 11:00am, I did not expect my family’s friends, the family came over to our home for visiting to the Spanish-spoken senior couple’s house. I stayed at that house for the several hours with my family and my family’s friends, the family. Then again, I did unexpected that the family were sleepover our home until Sunday evening.

Princess, a dog of senior couple

Sunday: In the morning, Angie text messaged me for the field service. And while I was serving in the field with the three spiritual sisters, we were volunteering to search for the deaf and we found none. We will try again soon. After the field service, we got to the place of the meeting for going home. I noticed the car have eyelashes. It is the female car! It’s funny and strange but creative.

When I got home, my family’s friends, the family was staying with us until about four in the evening. I feel bad that I didn’t tell them good-bye for going back home.

Tonight, I listened to the music of The Wallpaper from Rochester and Doris Day. I like some of their songs. I will listen more of Doris Day’s songs on the next day (today January 13, 2014). Yours, Loiriam

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