Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I Had to Call

Yesterday I had to make three calls to my consumer advisor, provider, and healthcare administration. At first, my consumer advisor called me for update and I explained about recently I applied the two jobs and they asked me if I’m interested in an interview and I said yes but I heard none from them calling me for interview. So I will have to follow up with these jobs soon. Second, I called the provider for making an appropriate. But the problem is, the provider do not accept my plan because last year he or she did not sign in my plan. So he or she referred me to the healthcare administration and ask for making the lists of which are the right provider that accepts my plan.  So I did it at third.

I made the pasta for dinner last night because of I was hungry, and then was fine after eating pasta. I came back here in my bedroom to work on my writing stuff. I updated this blog. Yours, Loiriam

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