Saturday, January 18, 2014

This Observing and Learning Weekend Story

Yesterday I walked out in a nice cool day. And I observed my neighbors and the watery birds. I snapped a photo of the apartment with water to become the watery apartment. That’s my cool idea. I had a good relaxed day.

After I got home, I watched El Cerrado Caso TV Show episode about a young woman with her mother (later with father at the end) expresses her hateful feeling toward the men. She hate them so much and thinking about killing herself. Why is she doing that? Because no one ask her out for dating and the men are not interesting in her. So sad, but is it true? She may be misunderstood about what the men like in her. Additionally about this woman, she is currently needs a female psychiatrist for the depression treatment in Utah.

The thought for the today is school. The school is important to learn and the good kids need to be careful with who are their friends with. Life in school is not easy when it comes to bully.  At lunchtime, the kids can enjoy their lunch and that is the glory of God.

Again after meeting, I went out to eat in Pollo Tropical with the five women include a little girl. I ate Chicken Quesadilla Wrap and red and black beans and I drank lemonade. These are cheap meal. We had the fun conversation.

After we were enjoying the Pollo Tropical, I got home and I took the hot bath to keep me relaxed. Yours, Loiriam

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