Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My New Journal

Today is the New Year, 2014! Wow! Where does the time go? Okay, I am going to write this new journal for 2014. Its help me to express my feeling. If I do not express, then I become isolated. So I should write how I feel and what happen to me in society. I plan to tell people how I feel and they should understand my feeling. But the most TOP understood is JEHOVAH. He is with me. Because of He understands my situation better than human.

 Today I am going to write from the beginning to the end of this new journal early 2014 or middle 2014. That journal is the approximately 100 pages. These 2014 memories are I want to remember. I throw the old past, 2013. But, I can keep some good 2013 memories.

Okay, I hope a thing goes well with you. Have the good 2014! Yours, Loiriam

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