Friday, December 27, 2013

The Making and the Baking of the Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last night, I made the chocolate chip cookies. Before I made these, I was settling up the ingredients to get ready for making the chocolate chip cookies. What I wore last night? I wore the white clothes and the white hat (unspecific, I need to learn more about fashion stuff). Today I set the oven on and I baked these. And the chocolate chip cookies are now serving. I have some pictures of the chocolate chip cookies of the Nestle Toll House. I know that making the chocolate chip cookies are always same and boring…want something new. I miss Ginger cookies; I miss Russian cookies and some other types of cookies. I will make something different when I have some items from grocery store be added to the Cookies Shopping lists. 

I prepared to make the chocolate chip cookies at night.

I was about happy to make the chocolate chip cookies.

I finish making the chocolate chip cookies!

I was about to bake the chocolate chip cookies.

After baking the chocolate chip cookies, these are now 

This photo shows a little girl is making the chocolate chip 
cookies with her mom. I love that picture.

Do you have any idea of your favorite cookies? Yours, Loiriam

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