Sunday, January 5, 2014

At Congregation Party and the Truth about Bible Translation

Yesterday I went to eat out lunch at Pollo Tropical and I bought boneless chicken with brown rice, red beans, corn, tomato, peppers and onions, and regular mango sweet tea. The cost of these items is $5.66. During lunch, I joined the conversation with my congregation and I love G’s facial expression. She’s so cute and she shares her pictures of herself when she was young. G is looking forward to be young again in paradise.

After lunch, I stayed at the couple’s home briefly, and then we went to Compton Park for the congregation party.

In party, we ate some, we listened to the spiritual song of a woman that she sang beautifully, and played the new game is when you pick a word, you draw the picture to everyone without saying a word to them and let them guess a word. I love that game. And I enjoyed it.

Today I learn about the translator. The translator is assisting to the English-spoken person to translate from German to English. It is same idea to the Bible was not written by a man. It was written by God. So my job is to share the scriptures with the world for my God. And that means these scriptures are not made up by me. It is the truth. Yours, Loiriam 

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