Sunday, December 1, 2013

Today is December and NO Christmas for Me

Yesterday, I missed the day. I did not go out because of I slept really late at 2am. I was supposed to go to my meeting and plus, too bad, I missed picnic. And do you know why I had to miss the picnic? It is because that my meeting is first and is very important than second is fun things to do as picnic. Oh, well. Maybe next time I will go if I sleep earlier.

Today is the new month, December! Although, I am not allowed to celebrate Christmas, in the past I could but now is NO. What is the reason I don’t celebrate Christmas? It is because Christmas is pagan and I am told to not to commemorate Jesus’ birth. Also, where was Christmas coming from? December 25th was the date of pagan festivals in ancient Rome and Jesus was born in the fall, not the winter as Luke chapter two says. I confess that I do miss receiving the gifts I love.

Today is chilling and is nothing else I do. But, I will get something to do tonight. I hope you have a nice Sunday. Yours, Loiriam

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