Monday, December 2, 2013

My Cold Hometown

I used to grow up in my cold hometown for sixteen years and I wish still I am there, but I am not there. I am here in hot place with my parents. It is not easy for my attitude to change for them because of their emotional need: HOT! And plus, they did not use to grow up in the cold weather. However, what about me? I am an adult, I want to live without them. Because of if I live with them, that is making me being a child. I'm not a child. But, am I acting like a child as I am a child? I am not. However, I still have a big regret, my big mistake of my past that I had lived with the wrong friend. She made me to move back to my parents again. And I'm not her friend anymore. I keep trying to forget her and move on with me practice of how I can overcome big regret. 

The question is, why do I still want to live in my hometown? Because of I miss my old life. I want to go back to where I was. However, I have to understand that a happen is for the reason. For example, a friend is changing and is leaving. What change and how is a friend changes? I still have left unanswered questions. It is really sad but, I want to be happy. I don't want to be sad. Life is precious and is not need to be suicide. Suicide is not the answer. So I try to stand up and speak out of what I want. I need the people to not to change me.

Okay, this problem is mine, not your problem as if you read this blog post and still not want to be in my shoes. Then, you can leave me out. It is all up to you. I hope you had good today. Yours, Loi

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