Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Dream is Still Not Coming True :(

I started to call the good “survey” back for making an appointment about having work to do. I have no job for three years due to my reference problem. I wish that I can keep a job in Rochester but I had to resign due to the reason of conflicting my meeting. And plus, despite my age, I’m though not allow to be in the freedom due to so much care about me and want me to be in overprotection. It is not easy for those who so much care about me need to let me care by myself. I have always wished my dream is coming true. But sadly, I lost my two hopes: my dream vacation and my dream wedding day. The reason why I lost these two hopes is because the middle aged female dog had a big mistake of marrying someone and wanted me to be poor and wanted my private to be covered away from a man. I’m practicing to forgive anyone who does wrong to me. It is not easy for me but my effort is worth to try. 

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