Saturday, July 11, 2015

New Life At the Farm

I'm sharing the story about my new life at the farm with my family tonight. In the last week of May 2015, we were staying in the hotel for volunteering at the farm. What position do we volunteer for? We are raking the leaves in five acres of farmland. Such a lot of works to do. Raking the leaves not just that it. There are many things that we do at the farm. We are putting the woods away, pulling some weeds, etc. when we are finished, the animals are going to be in the farm except horse. Because of horse charges the new farmer ten thousand dollars. That's a way expensive to buy. Right now we are not finish because we are the smallest amount of people. We need more people to get that done. But we are not rich to hire people. So work with patience is worth the strength. :)

Today I had to go to the meeting. I learned today Watchtower Study Article magazine from May 15, 2015 on page 18. The picture shows what now is demonic lion (formerly red dragon). Interestingly, unlikely before was drawing a picture of a great red dragon. Does it match the scripture Revelation 12:3? Nay. We Christians are looking forward to salvation. I have recently finished my study of Watchtower from January 1, 2008. It's all about the coming of God's Kingdom. Obviously, the scripture explains 'you don't know the hour of when the Son of Man will come.' I don't have to say I'm sorry for what I believe. GIVE is what I learned from my former behavioral therapist of Rochester. It is said to not be sorry for what you believe. You stand up for what you believe. And don't allow the sects to change your belief.

After meeting, we went to eat in Subway for lunch, ...then we went ahead to the farm. The farmer have lot stuff from the delivery of his previous home. So we helped him to unpack. Done. And then to get rest. Have a good night! Yours, Loiriam

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