Monday, December 1, 2014

No Christmas and No Feast of the Dedication for Me

As a child, I was a celebrant of Christmas.

Today is December. And Christmas is here, but I am still not allowed to celebrate it. In the past as a child I could but now is NO. Why not me celebrate Christmas? Because the Bible do not mention Jesus was born on December 25th. The New Catholic Encyclopedia says that "the Nativity feast was instituted no earlier than 243 C.E.," more than a century after the last of the apostles died. Also, I am told to commemorate Jesus' Death, not Birth. So, no gifts for me? I confess that I do miss the gifts.

And, I am not allowed to join the Feast of Dedication, too. Why not? It makes me wonder why I can't, which conflicts the scripture John 10: 22, 23. Jesus did walk in the temple in Solomon's porch during wintertime. However, I still have to apply what the organization of GB's teaching is. 

Today is I'm on way behind my Bible reading. Currently I am on Judge chapter 15. I am trying my best to read the Bible everyday to gain my knowledge and wisdom. Regarding to yours, Loiriam

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