Monday, October 20, 2014

The Colorful M&M Cookies! :D

I have been not on blog for a while. This month, the Wildlife Aid Foundation (WAF) became my favorite after I have seen a beautiful old British man's name is Simon Cowell the founder of WAF with trying to rescue a baby swan while he was beaten up by an angry swan dad video on Facebook. Simon suffered with some bruises that were hit by the strong wings of swan dad. This video is top and it viewed by over one million YouTube users. Simon loves animals so much and it inspires me. I continue to watch WAF videos and will never stop watching. :) I would like to donate his help for animals but WAF is in England. I always donate in here America, that it. But if I have enough money on my PayPal, then I can donate Simon's help for animals. Right now my money in it is not enough because of there are not a lot of people view my works. Oh, well.

Tonight I made the colorful M&M cookies. Before I made these, I was setting up the ingredients to get ready for making the colorful M&M cookies. And I set the oven at 350, I rolled the doughs, dropped them on the light greased cookie sheet and then I baked them. It baked for twelve minutes. And now the colorful M&M cookies are serving. I have some pictures of the colorful M&M cookies of M&M candies package.

I prepared to make the colorful M&M cookies at 
I mixed the brown sugar, butter, vanilla and until
I blended them well.
I stirred in remaining flour, baking 
soda and salt in these mixing 
ingredients until the dough become 
Added to the colorful M&M candies. :)
I rolled the doughs and dropped them onto lightly
greased cookie sheet. I was about to bake the 
colorful M&M cookies. :)
After baking the colorful M&M cookies...
The colorful M&M cookies are now serving!
It tastes amazingly! :D

I'm sure that many of you kids, including adults are really love the colorful M&M cookies! :D

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