Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Poetic Album "Love & Beauty" is Released Today!

Originally late last year I had plan for the new poetic album "Love & Beauty" for this year - 2014. So I wrote the twelve lyrical poems and produced this poetic album. At first I drew and sketched the two pictures.

The Lovely Dove <3
The Hearty Beauty Love :-*

I colored these sketched photos. And then I started to produce this poetic album.

The cover of poetic album 
"Love & Beauty" <3

The lovely dove as introduction <3 :*

Track 1 of the poetic album 
"Love & Beauty"

After page 1 & 2, then on page 3 is track 2 of 
the poetic album "Love & Beauty".

All the lyrical poems were written by me, 
and this originality is I made this poetic album 
"Love & Beauty" and respect the copyright. 

And, I wrote the lovely thank you note... <3 :*

The end of this page is the beauty love 
that I drew it. :*

On the back cover of poetic album 
"Love & Beauty" <3 :*

Now my poetic album "Love & Beauty" is released! :D <3 :-* I can make more if anyone want to own this lovely poetic album for enjoyment. XOXO, Love Loi <3

P.S. - Here is the 15 seconds preview video of this completed poetic album. Enjoy! And I hope you like it.

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