Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Slight Rough Day

Purple Cotton Shirt India - Lipsy/Hot Pink Kisses Belt - Rue21/Purple Lovesick Pant - Hot Topic/Teal Ties Gray Fila Sneakers - JcPenny 

Today is a slight rough day. I went to Walmart and Sally Beauty with my mother and my sister. In Walmart, we purchased some things we need and want. I bought the floss and hot pink headphone for the music. Finally, my sister found her fan, JLo's new album! But mine is still search for Kylie Minogue's new album "Kiss Me Once". So, went to to FYE but we came to the wrong place as my mother thought it is the right place. Aw, we will try again next time. Ok, we also went to Burger King for lunch time, and then we were ahead to home. When we got home, my mother and I were going to gym. We exercised for one hour, and then to home. We got the cold shower, got dressed up, fix our beauty, and then to the house of the senior couple and Princess, a dog. 

In the house of the senior couple and Princess, my sister and I sat down, and we chatted, and played with our mobile phones. Until near 9:30pm, we went home. Yours, Loi

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