Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Open Note about Soon Three Decades of my Life

I have two more weeks left before I hit the three decades of my life. Different but yet still be same because I’m still young to experience the life lesson. Such like who I am, what I do with people, and what people teach me that I learn from them. I want to express some sentiments that are the meaning of my life. Like I had brought to the earth for nearly three decades, starting to know the basic things and viewing everything that God had made. And how I feel about what I see in this planet. People, land animals, air animals, and water animals are living which is called Life. People have life to do. They go to school, worship place, work, and many things to do in the house like cooking the meals for family and do the chores. Also, people go to the store and buy food and stuff. This is called part of Life.

Since I’m here on earth and I’m still living. And that life is good, I am grateful for I surround by people who I know love me and always care about me. I know that I am precious and still need to have a good attitude by accepting the over-protection from any harm. It is what counts the most.

I started to plan on the lists of the things I wish to be. I will share it on the next two weeks. Have a good night!

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