Friday, March 21, 2014

View in the Park with My Family

I went to the park with my family for short time today. I have four photos to tell you a story.

We were walking and observing the water bay, birds, people, fishing men, seafood workers include some working as the ice cream, etc. good time. In Taste of Boston, it is not easy for a hearing seafood worker to view me when our language is not the same. Yes, it’s truly sad. I, myself have an effort to handle that situation because as you know, it’s always happen. Nothing changes to the good technology. It’s still grief and yet, in the future, the grace is going to be in the new system only. So life is sucks. Oh, well. I still not have a receipt. That receipt is for a “rewarded survey” which is needed. She does not give me that. But I think good thing is I still have balance in reward activate as “bank”. So, must be no big deal which I’ll be alright. I’m happy and stay strong despite language is not easy to communicate.

The colors of this wasp are yellow and red stripes. 
A wasp flies around the small tree, and looking for 
maybe food.

View in my current city and the water bay.

The brown pelican sit on a sign held by wood pole.

The brown pelican and other kind of small bird are 
sitting on the rock and view the water bay, buildings, 
people and looking for fish to eat.

After the park, we went out to eat Burger King first and then to Burlington Coat Factory for buying a nice dress for soon Memorial Day that I must be commemorated to celebrate the death of Jesus Christ, not his birth as Christmas Day. Okay, a little did I not feel well in that clothing store but I managed to feel okay by standing strong and be patient with my family.

Finally, we could go home and got some rest. My legs need to get rest. Therefore, I exercised privately in this afternoon. Okay, I hope you all have a good night and a good weekend. Yours, Loiriam

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