Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Fun and Nice Weekend: The Helpful Observes and Playing the Bowling Game

Yesterday after meeting, I went out and got some air. I breathed, relaxed, and observed. What did I see? I saw the colorful small trees, garden, plants, and the birds. It is good therapy for me and the people. I thank Jah for making everything on earth. He is the best Therapist of the universe and of the world.

Least Flycatcher lands on the small tree

The small tree

The bird on the mailbox

When I got home, I took a nap for one hour and then I did something. And I also got ready for going to the bowling game with humor friend and the Greg-Martin group.

On the way to before the bowling, I went to Target with humor friend for changing her short because of the viewing is shown the skin and that is for sexual drooling desire and the problem is I don’t believe that it is relate to private. Private is for penis, butt, vagina, and breasts.

In bowling game, I played with humor friend and the young people. And I got 54 points, the low number. Well, I like to play the bowling and that is an enjoyable. I enjoyed playing the bowling game and had a good time with humor friend and the Greg-Martin group.

Today, good Sunday, I went out for traveling to observe the beautiful green and saw the farm animals. It was a nice and cool day. 

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