Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Sleepover Story of the Long Weekend in My Family's Friends' House

Last long weekend, I was away from home for sleepover to my family’s friends, the family’s house with my family. Here is what we did for the long weekend:

Friday: We went to the fishing. Nate is a fishing man. He wants to catch so many fishes. However, his boat was not with him. So he caught only a few fishes. I took some pictures of fishing and the park areas. I can tell what the photos are about.

View in the fishing bay.

 Nate is fishing looking for more fishes as much as he 

View on the tree is located nearby the water.

A fishing man is lucky to find so many fishes.

You can see the park and the ravens over there.
Do you see that? It's strange.

I am curious go over there but there is nothing over 

The seagull lands on the wooded pole above the water
and views.

Do you see the white bubble on the shore? It looks 
like soap.

Saturday: I was supposed to have late appointment on the phone but I went to my family’s friends’ brotherhood of the Spanish congregation, the couple with two kids’ house for playing dominoes. That house had no internet, so I couldn’t make it for appointment. I took some pictures of German shepherd living in a doghouse. Do you think that it make happy of this doghouse? I read a story about how unhappy the dog lived without a doghouse and now happy to have it. That story was written by PETA.org. And the kids and we adults were playing the round ball that throw straight to a player. After we played the game, Nielo, my sister and I were walking and observing the empty landscape which was flooded and we saw the black crows flew across the light sky and they landed on the dead branches.

Do you think that dog is happy about his doghouse? 
Look like that dog is happy. 

Let have fun to play the game!

A house has a park in the backyard, interesting. 

Part one: This landscape was flooded.

Part two: This landscape was flooded.

There are so many crows fly across the light sky.

This horror photo depicts the two black crows land on 
the dead branches and looks for the food 
of the dead animals and can also be dead people, too. 

Sunday: In the meeting of the Spanish congregation, I learned the topic of the good news the violence of the world. Here is what I wrote the note from that discourse’s topic below:

There is the violence fill the earth today since it does match Genesis 6:5, 11. Jehovah hates anyone who hurt other. And He does not want His people to be a violent. The good news is there will be no more violent people in this planet.

When you watch the news about violence every day, you feel sad, don’t be. Because of it will be nearing end soon. So you will not have to worry about the evil ones that come to attack you. Stay faith and be strong. Your true God is blessing you and is always be with you.

After meeting, we went to eat in the buffet that contains a lot of pizza and any other Italian menu. We enjoyed eating the delicious pizza!

After eating the pizza, we went again to the brotherhood, different brotherhood’s house for playing the other game. They have a kitten. She’s so cute. I pet her. Her hair is so soft, aw. I love her! I wish I can own a cat but I live with my family that has an allergic of it, oh.

I love this kitten! She's so cute! Meow!

Monday: I thought that my family and I are ahead to home but we stayed an extra sleepover for better today (today is Tuesday). My family and their friends, the family decided to walk with the dogs. And we looked around the neighborhood and the houses. They are nice.

Macho was ready to go to walk with my father. 
Together we went there too.

Today, finally we are here home! We are rested after a long weekend sleepover to the house of their friends, the family.

That is all I share this sleepover story with you all. I hope you have a good night. Yours, Loiriam

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