Saturday, July 12, 2014

How to Think Positive?

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Have you ever thought about a person who does wrong to you is needed to be improving his/her adjustment? If you think yes a person need to improve his/her adjustment, how about you forgive that person's mistake? Forgive a person's mistake is not easy. Because of the pain you feel. For examples, a person make up the story about you, hurt your feeling, and physical attack you. You know a person is a human like you. You can't blame that person for not being  perfect. Forgive him/her. Why you forgive that person? Because of every person need mercy. They do ask for pardon. This means that you need to forgive a person who does wrong to you. Everyday we forgive people and let go of the obsession with feeling angry about their mistakes. You do that to a person daily. Life is too short if you angry and reflect about that person. This person do not remember what he/she did to you. He/she forget about it means you forgive and move on.

About the attitude of people when you look down at them, it's considering a sin. Why? Because of you don't know how people feel about their day. Maybe they have a bad day. Maybe they have a bad mood this morning. And much maybe. Only God know means let God takes care of them for you.

The story about you that your friend make up is called rumor against you. Are you still angry about your friend that did rumor against you? Don't feel that way. Beware of the vengeance. Revenge to no one because of revenge is not helpful. It always bit back and forth which never solve the problem. Humans have limit to solve the problems. But God have no limitation. He can fix any problem. So let God fix the problem for you.

Think of positivity. You have a plenty of time to spend with a person you forgive and make peace with him/her. Think negative about a person who does wrong to you is such waste your time. It's not worth it. Therefore, your time is precious. You want to spend your time with doing the things you enjoy. Life is too short if you think negative about the past. Don't dwell the past. Dwell on where you are. There is no recovery the past. The history cannot change. So, throw the negativity in the garbage. Accept where you are. If you forgive that person and move on, you will be happy. And, enjoy your life. Stay positive! Keep smiling! Because your life is precious and is beautiful. Yours, Loiriam for God bless you. :)

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