Monday, March 10, 2014

Do Not Change a Person to Fit What You Like or What You Dislike

I'm a woman, I'm not a girl.
No one can tell me, "Hey! 
That picture is bad." 
Because of it's my picture, 
period. This photo was 
taken by May 15, 2013

I want to tell you the topic of like and dislike. When I tell a person about what I like or what I dislike. This means that a person is better to accept. If he or she does not accept, obviously that is immature. You can’t force a person to imitate what you like or what you dislike. It is part of Life. I totally don’t know why you think that a person must fit what you like or what you dislike. A word “fit” means “suitable”, “good enough”, “relevant”, and “appropriate”. Also “match” means “equal”. Have you notice that equal is a good quality and in a freedom? So, it is not your job to cage someone. If you find someone that is suitable for you, then he or she will go for you: ‘friend or in love.’ And that’s great! However, if he or she is not suitable for you, then you need to move on. I know that the restricted faith is required to fit each other as a friend which you are not interested. If you don’t like that kind of faith, then they should not keep you. I had experience and still experience for over ten years never let me go. It’s really challenge me! I can’t get out because of I have no job to be on my own. I’m still patient and that is a good personality. If you know what a person like or what a person dislike, then you are necessary to accept. Here are what I like or what I dislike and the question that you answer below:

My likes:
-I like to read.
- I like to watch the videos.
- I like to listen to the music.
- I like to dance.
- I like to play volleyball and tennis.
- I like to walk.

My dislikes:
-People take advantage of me.
-Bad reputation.
-Rumor about me.
-People ask me if I have a boyfriend.
-People treat me like a child.
-Arranged marriage.

All these likes and dislikes will you not change? If you don’t change these, then that is the best way to respect. You answer the good question. And if you do, then you are mature. You remember people are human that have personality. You can’t change them. So move on to the suitable people. 

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